Please follow these simple guidelines and be a Green Fins Snorkeler/diver

1/ Choose environmentally-conscious hotels and dive resorts

2/ Choose dive operations that are environmentally-friendly, such as those displaying the Green Fins certificate

3/ Practice your snorkeling/SCUBA diving away from coral reef area


4/ Make sure your equipment fits properly, it may be difficult to adjust in the water

5/ If you feel uncertain, wear a life jacket while snorkeling


6/ Make sure that your dive operator makes use of available mooring

7/ Prevent the introduction of garbage, solid waste and toxic substance into the marine environment by ensuring all garbage is well-stowed and disposed responsibly

8/ Be careful where you enter and exit the water to avoid destroying corals

9/ Do not touch, stand or rest on corals and other marine life even when wearing gloves or booties. Some are very delicate animals. You may cause them harm and some can hurt you


10/ Maintain a comfortable distance from the reefs to avoid contact


11/ If wearing fins, be aware of where your fins are, and don’t stir up sediments or damage corals

12/ Make sure that your equipment is secure at all times


13/ Do not chase, harass, ride on, feed or handle marine life


14/ Take nothing live or dead out of water


15/ Photography equipment can affect a snorkeler’s/diver’s mobility and buoyancy in the water. Do not hold onto corals when taking pictures


16/ Paying user fees for recognized programs and areas that support coral conservation


17/ Filling in wildlife sighting forms when available


18/ Volunteering your skills in beach cleanups and other marine environmental activities


19/ Do not purchase souvenirs made from corals and other marine life. This is usually illegal and environmentally-unfriendly


20/ Learn about coral reefs and other marine animals that live in the reefs

21/ Spread the word! Tell your friends these simple, but important conservation practices