" Save Our Reef "

" To protect and conserve coral reefs by establishing and implementing
environmentally friendly guidelines to promote a sustainable diving tourism industry. "

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Guest Assessment of Dive Operators

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1. How well did the dive operator adhere to Green Fins Environmentally Friendly Dive Practices (EFDP) : Customer Do's and Don'ts and act as responsible role model for guests?
 excellent        very good        good        fair        poor        never      

2. Did the dive operator provide guests with an explanation of The Environmentally Friendly Dive Practices: The 7 Things Divers Must Do & The 7 Things Divers Must Not Do during your diving and snorkeling trips?
 Yes        Not sure        No      

3. How well did the dive/boat operator deal with garbage and solid waste ?
 excellent        very good        good        fair        poor        never      

4. Did the dive operator use mooring buoys on every dive, when available?
 always        frequently        often        sometimes        rarely        never      

5. Did the dive operator allow guests to feed the fish; spear fishing or shark finning; buy of corals and other marine life during the diving / snorkeling trips?
 Not Allowed        Allow some items        Allowed      

6. Did the dive operator provide other public awareness and environmental materials (books, pamphlets, fish ID books, etc.)?
 Yes        No      

7. Did the dive operator provide information on local marine protected areas, environmental rules and regulations?
 Yes        No      

8. Did the dive operator promote a strict "no touch" policy for all reefs diving and snorkeling?
 Yes        No      


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