" Save Our Reef "

" To protect and conserve coral reefs by establishing and implementing
environmentally friendly guidelines to promote a sustainable diving tourism industry. "

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Reef Watch data 2020-2021 from our volunteer

Green Fins volunteers play an important role to support Green Fins Thailand on coral reefs monitoring at their doorsteps using Reef Watch method.   More »

Impacts of sunscreens on coral reefs

Sunscreens contain organic (chemical) and/or inorganic(mineral) UV filters that absorb, reflect or scatter UV light. They also contain inactive ingredients such as antimicrobial preservatives, moisturisers and anti-oxidants.  More »

Coral species in Thailand

Green Fins Thailand would like to invite you to learn about coral reef in Thailand from our Green Fins Leader, Khun Niphon Phongsuwan who is the legend of Green Fins  More »

Request coral bleaching situation report from diving/ snorkelling networks

May 2019, Sea temperature in the Gulf of Thailand and Andaman Sea is reaching 31.0 degree celsius. (Note that - if sea temperature is over 30.4 degree celsius over 3 weeks, it is likely that corals start to bleach). It is reported that there is mild bleaching (about 5-40% in relative to total live corals at the site) either in the Gulf of Thailand and the Andaman Sea. So, now it a watching stage.  More »

Coral Bleaching Situation in 2019 (Thai news)

§ҹʶҹҳ͡㹪ǧ͹¹ 2562 §ҹСѧիմҧ §ҹÿ͡㹪ǧ͹¹֧͹Ҥ 2562   More »

Green Fins launched "Save Reefs, Save Live" documentary

On behalf of Department of Marine and Coastal Resources, Green Fins Thailand released a documentary "Save Reef, Save Live" to educate young generation as well as promote an environmentally friendly diving/ snorkelling practices.  More »

Is your sunscreen killing coral reefs?

Coral reef are the most diverse of all marine ecosystem. The cover less than 1% of the world ocean but harbor one-quarter of all ocean species.  More »

Do not Feed the Fish

Green Fins launched new infographic poster "Don't Feed the Fish"   More »

Now on the third week of May there is a trend at many reefs that corals start bleaching again

Sea temperature in the Gulf of Thailand is ranging about 30.5 - 31.0 degree celsius, and in the Andaman Sea is 30.0 - 30.5 degree celsius. (Note that - if sea temperature is over 30.4 degree celius over 3 weeks, it is likely that corals start to bleach)   More »

Rewilding Thailand: a scuba divers perspective

A showcase of the activity that scuba diver is involving with conserving coral reef in the occasion of the International Year of the Reef 2018  More »


ҹԨª׹ѹպҧԴ㹤ѹᴴǹСѧŧ Цҵ͹Сѧ Ѵҧк׺ѹ зԴСѧ͡  More »

Need your report on coral bleaching situation

Green Fins members and volunteer network can report the information about the reef situation and sea temperature in the reefs where they dive/snorkel. Please report us by answering the questions below. This will benefit to the response plans and management.  More »

Will corals bleach again in 2016?

It was found that the critical SST is 30.4 degree Celsius.If the SST is higher than the critical point over than 3 weeks, corals will bleach.  More »

Reef Watch Training at Koh Phangan

Green Fins Thailand and CORE SEA will organise Reef Watch Training at Chaloklum Bay, Koh Phangan during 18th - 19th August 2015. We welcome snorkeller/ diver who would like to gain knowledge about coral reef survey. Please feel free to join us.  More »

Koh Tao Festival 2015

18th - 19th June 2015 Save Koh Tao organised Koh Tao Festival 2015 at Haad Sairee, Koh Tao  More »

Green Fins urge tour operators in Phuket to campaign "No Fish Feeding" and "Don't Collect Coral

Green Fins on behalf of Department of Marine and Coastal Resources (DMCR) had carried out a training for tour operators and boat captains in Phuket to campaign on "No Fish Feeding" and "Don't Collect Coral" campaigns.  More »

House for hermit crab project

In an effort to inspire a love of nature, the Phuket was carried out a Valentines Day event aimed at donating new shells for the humble hermit crab.   More »

Green Fins training is available for the high season of the Andaman Sea

Marine National Park in the Andaman Sea will open annually in the mid of October until the end of April. Green Fins is available to support snorkelling/diving operators network to train their staffs about environmentally friendly snorkelling/ diving practice for operators and tour guides.  More »

Coastal resources and Island Tourism is sustainability possible?

On 20-22 August, over 300 delegates from 11 famous tourist Islands from around the globe converged on Phuket for the 18th Inter-Islands Tourism Policy Forum (ITOP) where they were welcomed by Maitri Inthusut, governor of Phuket, The Forum aims to promote co-operation among member island cities in the area of art, culture and tourism, with this years theme being Sustainable Maritime Tourism Networks.  More »

Green Fins Guidelines is available on e-book version

The Green Fins Guidelines contain diving guidelines that gain your knowledge about an environmentally friendly diving and snorkelling practice. It is available on e-book now.  More »

Green Fins Thailand urge the members in Koh Tao monitor the coral reef and submit data online

Green Fins Thailand team and Save Koh Tao Club - Marine Unit had organised Reef Watch Training in Koh Tao during 4th 5th July 2014.  More »

Department of Marine and Coastal Resources organised coral reef training to volunteers

12th June 2014, Phuket: The Marine and Coastal Conservation Unit No.5 (Phuket), Department of Marine and Natural Resources invited Green Fins - Thailand to train volunteers on coral reef conservation in Phuket.   More »

Reef Watch Training online Part 3 and 4 are readly in Thai

Four parts of Reef Watch training online video (in Thai) are completely show on youtube. The Reef Watch monitoring is a simple method for volunteer diver who is interested in coral reef conservation.   More »

Clean and convenient

PHUKET: Phuket Towns first co-working initiative The SEA Co-working Space and Marine Cafe hosted a make-your-own home cleaner workshop at their space on Phang Nga Road on June 5. (news from PHUKET GAZETTE)   More »

Phuket Marine Biological Center re-launches Green Fins-Thailand campaign

The Green Fins-Thailand project is operated though our own Phuket Marine Biological Center (PMBC). Several Southeast Asian nations participate in the programme.  More »

Reef Watch Training video online (Thai version) Part 1 and 2

If you are the one who loves the underwater world, let's explore and learn more about "Reef Watch Training" online video(Thai version).  More »

Green Fins regional meeting for 10th Anniversary

As Green Fins hits 10 years since it's inception by UNEP, all the project partners across seven countries met in Bangkok to share past successes and discuss next steps for Green Fins in each country.   More »

Green Fins Ambassador orientation in Khao Lak

March 5th, 2014: Conducted Green Fins Ambassador orientation in Khoa Lak, Phang Nga.   More »

Green Fins Consultation Meeting in Phuket

The result of Green Fins Assessment in 2013 found that 60% of Dive operator memberships had got a YELLOW SCORE" and 40% of member had got " GREEN SCORE". This means we need to work together to improve an environmentally friendly diving practice of dive operators.   More »

Releasing Sharks Back into the Ocean

On the 1st of December 2013, Phuket Marine Biological Center (PMBC) with cooperation by other organizations including Go-Eco-Phuket, 3rd Naval Area Command Royal Thai Fleet, V.S.T. Autosales (2002) Co. Ltd., Coastal Fisheries Research and Development Center, Marine Science Institute of Burapha University, Butterfly and Insect Garden Phuket, MCOT Radio network Phuket, Phuket Bulletin Magazine, Honeymoon Private Island (Phuket) Co. Ltd. and Sri Panwa Phuket took part in an activity titled releasing sharks back into the ocean to mark the birthday of his Majesty the King.  More »

Urgent need! Green Fins need divers help to report an impact of recently storm on coral reefs.

Recently there is a report of the serious damage of coral reefs at koh Racha, and some part of Phuket province, due to the monsoon storm on Saturday 22nd November 2013. I wonder if there is the same impact at other places such as the area you always visited? Please report to nph1959@gmail.com , reefwatchthailand@gmail.com  More »

Barnacles are accidentally eating our plastic trash

Barnacles in the Great Pacific Garbage Patch are attaching themselves to trash and eating little plastic particles. Researchers dont yet know the implications of these findings, but its a safe bet that theyre not good.  More »

The seminar on coral reefs conservation and restoration

The seminar on coral reefs conservation and restoration is the knowledgeably way to create collaboration among environment- friendly dive businesses by The GREEN FINS project.   More »

EU's largest marine protected area

The Scottish Government has submitted proposals to the EU that include plans for Europes largest marine area of nature conservation in waters west of Scotland.  More »

çͺóç оѲѡҾؤҡôҹ͹ѡСѧ Ҫ .

Ҫ觷ͧǷҧ˹觷١ª͡÷ͧǴӹ٧ҡ ͧҡѾҡûСѧó ԴѭҤͧǻСѧԴҡѡͧмСͺ÷ͧǴӹ ªҧҴ˹ѡͧ͹ѡǴ 觼ǻСѧ١úǹŧ   More »

Save our Fins: 3-leg Fin Race Tournament

Grab a buddy and join us for a three-legged fin tournament, to help raise awareness about shark finning.   More »

The Indo Pacific Coral Finder: a new practical underwater coral identification tool that links to Co

The Coral Identification Capacity Building Program is pleased to announce the publication of the Indo Pacific Coral Finder by Russell Kelley. The Coral Finder is a proven, practical, underwater coral identification tool that allows anyone to identify hard corals to genus, regardless of growth form, anywhere in the Indian and Pacific Oceans.   More »

Marine Science Conference 2010

The Phuket Marine Biological Center (PMBC) under the Department of Marine and Coastal Resources in cooperation with educational institutes and relevant organizations hold the 2010 Marine Science Conference under the topic “Thai Marine Biodiversity: Obstacles and Opportunities” on 28-30 June at the Royal City Hotel, Phuket Province.   More »

СǴͻЪѹóçͧ èҡ 駷 2 " اʵԡ"

Ѿҡ÷ҧЪ½ ҤչԹ Ѻ ¹Ŵ ԭѡ¹ Ե ѡ֡ ЪҪ ʹ觼ŧҹСǴԵͻЪѹ óç ҸóЪ ֧ѹͧкȹҧšѺ÷ͧ Ѻ¹ĵԡاʵԡͧѡͧ Ŵšзҡ÷ͧǵͷѾҡ÷ҧ Ǣ " ʵԡ"  More »


ԭʹûЪԧԺѵԡ ҧ͢͹ѡЪ½ ͡÷ͧҧ׹ µ͹ҧ ѹ 19-20 Ҿѹ 2552 äҺҹ ѧѴ  More »

Hurry up~! Reef & Beach Clean up, Similan Islands, 7-9 Feb, 09

Reef & Beach Clean up , Similan Islands on Sat 7th - Mon 9th February, 2009. For...Certified Advanced Divers who have experiences at least 80 dives..Please make reservation urgently as seats are limited.   More »

Let's Go~!!! Clean up Reef and COT Collecting in PHUKET, 13-15 Feb 09

Let's Go~!!! Clean up the Reef and COT Collecting in Marine Sanctuary Coral Island, Koh Aew and Koh Maiton Phuket, Saturday 14th February 2009 and Diving Trip: Tour Air Plane Fleet for Artificial Reef in Bang Toa Bay, Phuket Fund Raising to up keep the Air Plane Fleet For Artificial Reef in Bang Toa Bay, Phuket on Sunday 15th February 2009   More »


ѹ 20 .. 51 8.30 - 16.00 . ç 1 ͧྪ ҧҤչԹ Ѻ Ѿҡ÷ҧЪ½ ԭ͹ Ъ ͧ "͹ѡѾҡ÷ҧšѺ÷ͧǴӹҧԵõǴ" ѵػʧ ҧԵӹ֡Сͺ йѡӹ繶֧Ӥѭͧس Ӥѭ ¤ء觼ŵͤóͧǻСѧ 駡еСͺǹͧѾҡ 繡աùҵááôӹҧԵáѺǴ黯Ժѵ  More »

Winners of Green Fins Photo Contest 2008

We are pleased to announce the winners of the First Green Fins Photography Contest, Focus on a Marine Litter.   More »

Green Tourist Supporter project by Travel Industry Management

Travel Industry Management Division (TIM) has organized the special event under the concept of Green Tourist Supporter: New lifestyle why We Go Green. The purpose was to raise the awareness of Stop Global Warming for MUIC community'.  More »

Why I want to be a divers, Children from Koh Tao

Black Tip Diving, Koh Tao held a scuba diving program with the local children in Koh Tao. Please find the story from Koh Tao's children..Why they want to be divers? (in Thai)  More »

Thomson Reuters and Beach Clean Up, Koh Lanta

50 staffs from Thomson Reuters participated in Green Fins 2nd International Coastal Clean Up Koh Lanta on 13-14 September 2008. Within 5 hours, over 4 tons of garbage were collected along 4 beaches (Klong Dao Beach, Phra Ae Beach, Klong Nin Beach, and Klong Hin Beach) in Koh Lanta.  More »

Ҵѹ ѧ纡Ҵ

˹µ仹ҹѧҡǹ͹ѹáԨ红ЪҴ ѹ ѹ 15 .. 51 ҹ áԨǧ仴´դ ѹ鹢С 4.7 ѹ ١Ѥá 700 Ե ͡ҡ红Ǿǡѧ״Եͧա ¡¡оǡöӡѺ (Ǵ ͧͻ) ;ǡö䫴 (ʵԡ д ) ͡...駹ͷзըشѧźҹ鹤 ͹ " ѧ䧡 ҡŴ "  More »

INTERNATIONAL COASTAL CLEANUP DAY September 2008 Green Fins Member's event details

Many of our members are hosting events all over Thailand to try and rid the beaches and reefs of rubbish. Here are all the schedules, dates, and contact details. Please try and get involved in as many of them as you can. If not then do your own clean up and pop down to your local beach and take away a bin bag full of rubbish you will find there and remember to dispose of it responsibly! click on the link to read more.  More »

Projects Abroad, Starbucks and more take part in beach clean up in Ao Nang

On the 12th of August 2008 Green Fins Joined together with Projects Abroad, Starbucks, Ao Nang Villa Resort, local businesses and the community from Ao Nang to raise awareness on the impacts of tourism and marine debris within Thailand. The day was a great success with donations from all those taking part and great community involvement. Khun Prasit Radrakboon from Ao Nang Villa Resort, provided food parcels in banana leaves to help minimise any waste to the local environment and towards the end of the day Pennee and staff from Starbucks returned with more coffee to keep as all going till the end of a long days activity. Well done everybody.  More »

The New Green Fins Website is launched

The new website that is joining Green Fins in Thailand, Indonesia, Malaysia and the Philippines was launched on the 18th of August 2008. The site is one of many new initiatives and developments as Green Fins continues to grow throughout South East Asia.Please have a look at www.greenfins.net or click on the link to read more.  More »

A tour with an Eco Friendly Snorkel Company

A short story written by a customer after being very impressed from a days snorkel tour with Green Fins member, AC Tours in Koh Tao. She writes about the trip and how Phil Goble enhanced her experience through environmental and reef ecology talks. Click on the link to read more.   More »

Photos and News from the March 2008 Similans Cleanup

The cleanup that took part on the 8th and 9th of March 2008 in the Similans was a highly successful operation that saw 750 kg of rubbish being removed from selected sites. The aim was to clean up after a northern wind had caused lots of debris and garbage to wash ashore and clutter up the reefs. Click on the link to read more.  More »

Green Fins 2nd Internatioanl Coastal Cleanup, Koh Lanta, 13th-14th

The Green Fins 2nd ICC has been organised to take part in Koh Lanta on both the 13th and 14th of September 2008 to help clean up rubbish and garbage from the beach. The participants and volunteers will consist of Koh Lanta students, local hotel and tour operators, local government officials and the general public. Click on the link to read more.  More »

PLEASE NOTE Green Fins and COBSEA photo competition deadline EXTENTION

Please note that the deadline for the photo competition has now been extended and the final date for all enteries is now the 31st of July 2008. If you would like to know more then please go to the link above or click on the pdf link here for a Thai translation.  More »

January the 15th Crown of Thorns removal for the International Year of the Reef 2008

The first activity of 2008 for the IYOR was conducted by PMBC, Green Fins and other volunteers to help remove a serious outbreak of Crown of Thorns on Koh Aeo. Over the whole day 23 people helped out to remove a total of 460 COT's from the reef that was discovered a few weeks earlier by staff at PMBC. To read more click on the link...   More »

Reef Anomaly at Hin Muang/Hin Daeng in Early 2007

In early 2007, a mass die-off was observed on many reefs around Krabi, Trang, and Satun provinces. This large scale die-off created a stir in the diving community. Many dive operators from these provinces reported that the water temperature during this period was abnormally low, around 23 to 24 degrees Celsius. The normal temperature for these reefs in the dry season is 28 to 29 degrees Celsius. The operators also described brown plumes in the water concurrent with the decreased temperatures.  More »

17th Patong Costal and Reef Cleanup on 1st Nov 2007

The event to clean up the beach and the ocean In Patong bay, helped raise awareness to the public, tourist, and business sector around Patong, involving everyone in the conservation of our coral reefs in Phuket. Activities over the day included the Release of 8 young turtles from Phuket Marine Biological Center into the sea. A Beach clean up by local students and an underwater clean up race in the bay. Green Fins Display.  More »

Coral Disease Observations: We Need Your Help!

In the past 15 years, observations of coral disease have risen dramatically. To date, around 20 coral diseases have been described worldwide. While disease has been observed in both the Andaman Sea and Gulf of Thailand, there is no database of sightings and information on disease is not widely available.   More »

Convenience throw

ѹ˹觢Ѻö仨ʹ˹ҹдǡ紶֧Ժ ͡Թ Ǩѡ ҫ繶اͧҹҧ鹶١駢ҧҧ Թ价ҴشҴйͧ Ӣ Թç ҡСѧ ͡·ѺѹԹ͹˭ ͹ҹ·к ٻ件 Ͷا¢ͧҹ紶֧Ժա ˹ٻͶاдԹ红ЪҴ 繷ش 件Ҫҡ  More »

Greenfins News Update 2

On International Clean up Day, 15 September 2007, we would like to invite Green Fins members tosign up as volunteered diver participating in the underwater clean up event.  More »

Greenfins News Update

çáչԹʶҺѹԨоѲҷѾҡ ҧ ½觷лҪŹ Ѿҡ÷ҧЪ½ ӹѡҹѹ ѧѴ 繼Թç ͹ҡ¡͡ҵ繪 GREEN FINS CLUB   More »

Cleanup story

ѹ ʶҹͧǪ·ա˹觢ͧк աþѲҾ鹷½觷ʶҹѡҡҡ յеͺѧاҡҤºҷ ֧дѺԹҴ ǧĴٷͧǵ͹Ҥ ֧ ¹ 췹¡ҡ觢ͧ觨Դӡõʹ Ѻô  More »

Crown of Thorns Starfish Outbreak

In 1984, The Phuket Marine Biological Center (PMBC) surveyed crown-of-thorns starfish outbreaks in the reefs on islands in the Andaman Sea. Serious outbreaks were found on Adang and Rok Islands.   More »

Coral Disease

Scientists have been finding disease in coral and sea fan colonies for many years throughout the Indo-Pacific and Atlantic oceans. The different types of disease include white band, black band and brown band. They may be caused by bacteria, ciliates or fungus.  More »

Coral Bleaching Studies at PMBC

Over the past fifteen years regular and intensive studies of coral bleaching have been a major focus of the Marine Ecology Unit. Niphon Phongsuwan and his coworkers first observed bleached coral in the early 1990s. Since then they have continued to map and monitor hundreds of bleached coral sites with special emphasis on their patterns of recuperation.  More »

Coral Bleaching 2

The issue of global warming is frequently addressed these days. Most divers know the term "coral bleaching," which is the result of coral tissue lacking symbiotic algae (called zooxanthellae) due to abnormally high sea temperatures. The coral relies on algae photosynthesis for nutrients, and is thus weakened in this stage due to an insufficient supply.  More »


Phuket's diving community and local residents are being called upon to celebrate International Cleanup Day on Saturday, 15 September.   More »

Winners: The Green Fins Slogan Contest

The aim of the contest is to raise greater awareness of the Green Fins programme among tour and dive operators in the 10 member countries of COBSEA, as well as the public at large, particularly tourists and diving enthusiasts whose practices affect the he  More »


Green Fins Thailand Programme join the wonders of the world of diving and adventure tours at the Thailand Travel and Dive Expo 2007 or TDEX 2007, May 24-27, 2007, during 11.00-20.00 hours, at the Queen Sirikit National Convention Center.  More »

Green Fins Regional Workshop May 29-30, 2007

The Green Fins programme aims "to protect and conserve coral reefs by establishing and implementing environmentally friendly guidelines to promote a sustainable diving tourism industry".  More »


I joined Green Fins dive operator South Siam Divers of Karon, Phuket for a day of Reef Watch coral reef monitoring at Racha Yai Island, south of Phuket.  More »

Reuters Diver Club Activities - Reefs Clean up

On the busy Friday evening of Bangkok, Mar 9th, 30 Reuters Diver Club members flew to Phuket, the famous vacation spot in Southern Thailand, on a mission to help save the coral reefs. We have joined the Green Fins Project - sponsored by Reuters Thailand L  More »